Delineation of Groundwater Bodies in the Caucasus Countries, March-May 2013

The EU Water Framework Directive requires identifying “groundwater bodies” as part of analysis of river basin districts. “Groundwater body” is the management unit which helps to sub-divide large aquifers into smaller sub-units.  Such division facilitates groundwater management.  Groundwater conditions may vary from one aquifer to another or even within the aquifers, as well as the anthropogenic activities that could impose pressures on the qualitative and quantitative status of groundwaters.  By distinguishing smaller sub-units, targeted management plans can be developed and adjusted to the specific conditions of the groundwater unit.  On the other hand, too extensive sub-division of water bodies should be avoided in order to reduce the administrative burden of management and groundwater monitoring cost.

Groundwater body identification and delineation tasks have been conducted in the pilot river basins of Caucasus countries in March-May 2013.

Fourteen groundwater bodies have been preliminary delineated in the Akhuryan-Metsamor river basin, Republic of Armenia, thirteen groundwater bodies - in Chorokhi-Adjaristskali river basins, Georgia and seven groundwater bodies preliminary identified in Ganja region, Republic of Azerbaijan.

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07.04.2013 to 27.04.2013
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia
  • 2.4 Joint field surveys to cover the gaps