Ground Water Joint Field Survey in Belarus, July 2013

On July 8-12, 2013, a joint field groundwater survey was performed in the Upper Dnieper basin in Belarus. Like in other pilot basins of the project, 21 groundwater samples were collected for analyses of main cations and anions, and trace elements. Some parameters (pH, temperature, electric conductivity and total dissolved solids) were measured right at the sampling point. Five local experts were trained to use modern groundwater monitoring equipment (electronic water level meters, purge pump, field maps, etc.) and collect groundwater samples according to the QA/QC procedures. The collected data will be used for the characterisation and classification of groundwater bodies.

08.07.2013 to 12.07.2013
  • Belarus
  • 2.4 Joint field surveys to cover the gaps
  • Upper Dnieper River Basin