Groundwater Classification Missions In The Caucasus Countries

From 20 September 2013 to 4 October 2013 Key expert on groundwater Bernardas Paukstys has conducted  groundwater classification missions in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.  The following work has been performed during the missions:
2-3 days field surveys in the pilot basins of the three countries:

  • Data from the electronic data loggers, which have been installed in the wells during the groundwater JFS in spring 2013, has been read;
  • Five groundwater samples have been collected from each pilot basin. Samples from Georgia and Armenia were sent for the analyses to the European lab for quality control purposes. Due to customs difficulties samples from Azerbaijan were not sent abroad and delivered to the laboratory of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

2-3 days office work in each Caucasus country:

  • Classification of groundwater bodies;
  • GIS mapping of classified groundwater bodies.

Pictures from the field surveys on groundwater classification missions in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are presented in the images section.

20.09.2013 to 04.10.2013
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia
  • 1.3 Develop WFD-compliant monitoring programmes, including hydrobiological and hydromorphological elements and groundwater
  • Akhuryan Basin (Akhuryan and Metsamor)
  • The Central Kura Basin (Ganjachay, Shamkirchai, Tovuzchay, Agstafachay)
  • Chorokhi-Adjaristskali Basin