Groundwater Joint Field Survey in Armenia

High arsenic (As) concentrations reaching 250 µg/l and 25 times exceeding EU norms for drinking water (10 µg/l) were detected in the groundwater bodies of Ashotsq and Armavir, Akhuryan pilot river basin of Armenia during the groundwater field surveys in 2013.
It was assumed that such high concentrations of carcenogenic arsenic are caused by the laboratory error, but in order to prove it, further investigation were needed.

For this purpose additional groundwater field survey was organised on 10-12 June 2014 in the Akhuryan-Metsamor river basins. 15 groundwater samples were collected for the analysis of trace elements, including, of course, arsenic. Additionally 5 control groundwater samples will be analysed in the laboratory of the National Environmental Agency of Georgia and 5 control groundwater samples will be brought to the accredited laboratory in Vilnius, Lithuania.
It is expected that after these investigations the origin of high arsenic concentrations will be finally solved.

10.06.2014 to 12.06.2014
  • Armenia
  • 2.4 Joint field surveys to cover the gaps
  • Akhuryan Basin (Akhuryan and Metsamor)