Joint Field Survey in Caucasus countries - Armenia

The Joint Field Survey monitoring mission for surface water bodies to be conducted in the Akhurian-Metsamor pilot basin of Armenia from 17 to 22 June, with participation of the Environmental Impact Monitoring Centre and Armenian State Hydromet. Up to 20 physical-chemical and hydro-biological samples will be taken and hydro-morphological assessments has to be conducted during this mission. In addition, 2 sampling sites will be assessed in the upstream area of the Agstev (Agstafachay) transboundary river basin to be used for identifiying ecological status of the Agstafachay pilot basin in Azerbaijan

17.06.2013 to 22.06.2013
  • Armenia
  • 2.4 Joint field surveys to cover the gaps
  • Akhuryan Basin (Akhuryan and Metsamor)