Joint Field Survey on Groundwater in The Caucasus Countries, 6-27 April 2013

First groundwater  Joint Field Survey  was successsfully implemented in the Caucasus countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

The purpose of the survey was two-fold:

a)      To fill in data gaps on groundwater;

b)      To train local experts to perform WFD compliant groundwater monitoring using modern monitoring equipment. In this respect JFS was also contributing to the  Task 1.3.2: “Training courses in WFD-compliant monitoring”.

The JFS included surveying, monitoring, sampling and equipment programming and calibration. Field measurements and sample collection, preservation and transportation procedures utilised during survey work were used to demonstrate QA/QC requirements and application of new field equipment. Samplers were trained to ensure that appropriate field sheets were completed and contained all relevant field observations and measurements.

Groundwater joint field survey and training have been provided by the project  KE5 in the following pilot river basins:

Armenia- Akhuryan-Metsamor ;

Azerbaijan- right tributaries of Kura river: Ganjachai, Agstafachai, Shamkirchai and Tovuzchai ;

Georgia- Chorokhi-Adjaristskali ;

Moldova – Prut;

Ukraine – Upper Dniepr.

 20 groundwater points (wells and springs) have been visited and sampled in each pilot basin. Coordinates of sampling points were fixed with the GPS MAPS 62sc device.  Field parameters were analysed at the sampling  point and 20 samples have been collected in each basin for the laboratory analyses of main cations and anions and trace elements. In Armenia chlororganic compounds (TCE and PCE) were additionally analysed. This information will be used for filling in groundwater data gaps and for futher classification of groundwater bodies. 

Twenty two local experts (5 in  Georgia and Armenia, and 4 in Azerbaijan, 4 in Moldova and 4 in Ukraine) have been trained to perform field work in compliance with the EU QA/QC  requirements .

On 6-27 April, 2013 joint groundwater field survey and training was performed in the pilot basins of Caucasus countries of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Three groundwater experts and country water management experts from each country have been trained by Bernardas Paukstys,  the key expert  on  groundwater. Training and sampling programme in each country lasted for 5 working days. During the survey 20 groundwater samples from springs and wells in each pilot basin have been collected for the analysis of main cations and anions and trace elements. In Armenia also organochloric compounds (trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene) will be analysed. Beside that some field parameters - pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and salinity, have been measured  at the sampling point using field labs. Data collected during the surveys  (level measurements and results of chemical analyses) will be used to fill in gaps on groundwater data, which is rather scarce in all three countries.

Local groundwater experts were trained to use modern groundwater monitoring equipment which has been rented by the project for training purposes.  Prior to collection of groundwater samples from the  wells they were purged with submersible WaSP pumps. Groundwater level in the wells was measured by the tape water level meter. In each pilot basin automatic water level and temperature meters have been pre- programmed  and installed in one well. Another meter will be installed by the local hydrogeologists in the selected wells. Local groundwater experts have been trained to programme leveloggers with PC , read data and re-programme the loggers in the field using dataloader. In Armenia and Georgia field chemical parameters (pH, temperature, conductivity, concentrations and saturation of dissolved oxygen and salinity) were measured by the chemists from the laboratories of the beneficiary ministries  and in Azerbaijan measurements were performed by the team of groundwater experts,  using field pH and TDS  meters.

During the field surveys local groundwater experts got experience and practice on use of modern groundwater monitoring  equipment in the field. They will be capable to continue groundwater monitoring and fill in data gaps by themselves. Manual for field surveys was prepared  by the project Key Expert on groundwater and tested in the field. The manual will be updated taking into account country specifics and later translated into national languages. 

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Groundwater joint field surveys in Caucasus countries: Analyses Groundwater joint field surveys in Caucasus countries: Analyses
06.04.2013 to 27.04.2013
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia
  • 2.4 Joint field surveys to cover the gaps
  • Akhuryan Basin (Akhuryan and Metsamor)
  • The Central Kura Basin (Ganjachay, Shamkirchai, Tovuzchay, Agstafachay)
  • Chorokhi-Adjaristskali Basin