Meeting with the Environment Minister George Şalaru, Moldova

On April 11th, Environment Minister George Şalaru had a meeting with key expert for the project "Environmental Protection in International River Basin" Michael Jackman, who was on a mission at the State Hydrometeorological Service (SHS).

Introduction to the topic for discussion was made by Deputy Valentina Tapis, who said that project is funded by the European Union under the "European Neighbourhood Policy Initiative (ENPI) countries in Eastern Europe and Russia" and implemented by Hulla & Co. Hyman Dynamics Consortium during 2012-2015. It aims to protect and efficient management of water resources in international river basins, especially in the Black Sea region as a continuation of activities started earlier in the international projects implemented in the Black Sea region. Key Expert, Michael Jackman, explained to the Minister Gh.Şalaru that the implementation of the project included visiting the State Hydrometeorological Service (SHS), with the task of investigating the laboratories of the Department of Environmental Quality Monitoring SHS. He was focusing on with the analysis of chlorinated pesticides in surface waters and international standard methods for the examination of the application subsequent analysis of the parameters set. 

This task is descended from the need revision procedures and sampling methods for the analysis of physico - chemical, including sediment sampling with field trips to assess and train staff of SHS sample. Important will be the conclusion of the evaluation of newly identified non-compliances and recommendations by the International Accreditation System Audit Centre for Surface Water Quality Monitoring of SHS, the only internationally accredited laboratory in the beneficiary countries of the project.

Minister for the Environment George Şalaru suggested that all the recommendations mentioned in the final report of the mission to be taken into consideration in the preparation of joint expedition Prut river basin to collect additional information in the development of river basin management plan selected international cross border by beneficiary countries accordance with the requirements of the EU Water Framework 2000/60/UE.   Expert Michael Jackman said that suggestions are welcome and they will be discussed at a seminar entitled "Quality Control System" on April 12 at SHS specialists directly claimed Environmental Quality Monitoring, Hydrogeology Expedition EHGeoM and State Ecological Inspectorate, the staff involved in the management of Prut Basin Monitoring.

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  • 1.5 Support the analytical quality control and quality assurance procedures
  • 1.6 Assess the needs regarding laboratory infrastructure, equipment and training