Meeting with the Environment Minister George Şalaru, Moldova


On April 11th, Environment Minister George Şalaru had a meeting with key expert for the project "Environmental Protection in International River Basin" Michael Jackman, who was on a mission at the State Hydrometeorological Service (SHS).

Introduction to the topic for discussion was made by Deputy Valentina Tapis, who said that project is funded by the European Union under the "European Neighbourhood Policy Initiative (ENPI) countries in Eastern Europe and Russia" and implemented by Hulla & Co. Hyman Dynamics Consortium during 2012-2015. It aims to protect and efficient...

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Delineation of Groundwater Bodies in the Caucasus Countries, March-May 2013

07.04.2013 to 27.04.2013

The EU Water Framework Directive requires identifying “groundwater bodies” as part of analysis of river basin districts. “Groundwater body” is the management unit which helps to sub-divide large aquifers into smaller sub-units.  Such division facilitates groundwater management.  Groundwater conditions may vary from one aquifer to another or even within the aquifers, as well as the anthropogenic activities that could impose pressures on the qualitative and quantitative status of groundwaters.  By distinguishing smaller sub-units, targeted management plans can be developed and adjusted to...

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Joint Field Survey on Groundwater in The Caucasus Countries, 6-27 April 2013

06.04.2013 to 27.04.2013

First groundwater  Joint Field Survey  was successsfully implemented in the Caucasus countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

The purpose of the survey was two-fold:

a)      To fill in data gaps on groundwater;

b)      To train local experts to perform WFD compliant groundwater monitoring using modern monitoring equipment. In this respect JFS was also contributing to the  Task 1.3.2: “Training courses in WFD-compliant monitoring”.

The JFS included surveying, monitoring, sampling and equipment programming and calibration. Field measurements and sample...

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Press Conference in Moldova


The Minister of Environment, Gheorghe Salaru: the “Environment Protection in the Basins of International Rivers” project is a chance for the Republic of Moldova to unite at an international level the integrated management’s efforts of water resources.

On March 15, 2013 a press conference took place at the Ministry of Environment with the topic “The Project: Environment Protection in the Basins of International Rivers”, whose aim consists in the protection and efficient handling of water resources in the basins of international rivers, especially in the Black Sea...

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First NCC meeting in Georgia - 7 March 2013


The First EPIRB NCC meeting was held on 7th March 2013 jointly with the IWRM National Policy Dialogue for Georgia that is a part of the EU Water Initiative in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Europe (EUWI EECCA) and is being implemented in Georgia by the UNECE Environment Division.
The first session of the meeting was dedicated to the activities and results of the EUWI NPD support to the Ministry of Environment for on-going water legislation reforms and institutional and legislative frameworks of water resources management in Georgia..

The second part of the workshop...

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