Pilot Basins

An initial list of possible pilot rivers basins for RBMP was elaborated in consultation with the beneficiary countries during the development of the project Terms of Reference. Proposed river basins were the following:

- Eastern Europe: Belarus/Ukraine - Pripyat trans-boundary river basin; Moldova/Ukraine – Prut trans-boundary river basin;

- Southern Caucasus: beneficiary institutions were less willing to select trans-boundary basins and, in some cases, expressed preference for work at national level. Georgia proposed to select small rivers...

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Facts finding missions - Georgia and Armenia

Within the framework of the EPIRB project, the group of the key experts of the Project conducted the facts finding missions to the beneficiary countries.  
First mission was conducted in Georgia and then to Armenia. Objective of the mission was to explore existing monitoring infrastructure and technical capability of a local staff for caring out regular environmental monitoring at, proposed by the project beneficiary institutions of Georgia and Armenia, pilot basin areas: Chorokhi-Adjaristskali basin of the Adjara region, Georgia and Akurian Basin District area of Shirak region,...

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