Official launch of the hydrological monitoring network in the pilot Ajara Region of Georgia

On 4 Sep 2015 the Head of the National Environmental Agency of Georgia together with the specialists from the Agency and the EU Funded Project “Environmental Protection of International Rivers Basins” (EPIRB) have visited (inspected) the newly installed hydrological gauging stations in Ajara Region, Georgia. The hydrological monitoring system has been launched on the Chorokhi-Ajaristskali River Basin. Six modern automated hydrological gauging stations have been installed within the framework of the EU funded Project “Environmental Protection of International Rivers Basins” (EPIRB).
The work was implemented as part of the River Basin Management Plan development process through the selected Programme of Measures and aimed to assist the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources (MENRP) of Georgia, as well as Directorate of Environment and Natural Resources of Ajara Autonomous Republic and the Hydrometeorology Department of the National Environmental Agency (NEA) for establishing EU WFD compliant Monitoring Network and strengthening their capacity for data collection, analysis and processing in the Chorokhi-Ajaristskali Basin District of Georgia.
In the frame of the current pilot activities in Ajara region of Georgia the project installed six (x 6) fully automated hydrological monitoring stations in the Chorokhi-Ajaristskali pilot basin, in addition, the water levels measuring equipment are equipped with modern devices to measure precipitation, necessary for flood risk assessment and forecasting.
The total cost of the project, including installation, connection to the NEA Telemetry and testing, is EUR 54,486.
The final installation of the stations and linking to the existing telemetry system was completed at the end of August 2015.
The Official launching and hand over ceremony of the gauging stations took place on September 4 2015 in Batumi, Georgia.

Ms. Tamar Bagratia, the Head of the National Environmental Agency of Georgia and Mr. Zurab Jincharadze, the Deputy Team Leader of the “Environment Protection of International Rivers Basins” (EPIRB) signed the Memorandum of Understanding, which ensures full responsibility of National Environmental Agency for further maintenance and post warranty checkup of the transferred and installed equipment after expiration of the warranty period. The end-user, that is the Hydrometeorology Department of NEA Georgia guarantees proper operability of the installed monitoring equipment in full compliance to the telemetry system of Hydrological Monitoring Network in Georgia.
The aim of this pilot project is to support the Hydro-Meteorological Department of the National Environmental Agency of Georgia to establish the EU Water Framework Directive compliance Hydrological Monitoring Network on Chorokhi-Ajaristkali River Basin and the capacity building in collecting, analyzing and processing the data.