Press Release: Transboundary River Basin Protection

On 24 July 2013, a meeting with representatives of the currently implemented Transboundary River Basin Protection Project was held at the Ministry of Environment with participation of Mrs. Valentina Tapis, Vice Minister, and Mr. Timothy R. Turner, the project Team Leader. The central environmental authority was also represented by Mrs. Serafima Tronza, Head of Water Management Department.
Discussions were focused on the current and future activities under the project involving analysis of the Prut River Basin, identification of water bodies and their typology, joint field surveys, engagement of the civil society in project activities, and raising of public awareness.
Valentina Tapis, Vice Minister of Environment, underlined the importance of the project that will provide support in fulfillment of the country’s obligations under the international treaties it is a party to: the Convention on Co-operation for the Protection and Sustainable Use of the River Danube and the Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes. The project’s support in establishment of a trilateral consultative body on transboundary river basins (Moldova, Ukraine, Romania) that would promote the principles of the EU Water Framework Directive will be just as valuable.

Up till now, a number of activities have been carried out within the project, and namely:
- Hulla & Co Human Dynamics KG Consortium with the approval of the European Commissoin facilitated the lease of modern equipment for groundwater monitoring that will stay in the county with the institution that will be directly involved in the water monitoring. 
- Within 14-18 May, a joint field survey was organized in the Prut River Basin (from the town of Lipcani to the village of Giurgiulesti). 20 water samples were taken from the observation boreholes within the survey from different aquifers of the pilot basin, where almost no water samples had been taken for the last 30-35 years. There was also training on the use of equipment organized within the survey. The chemical analysis conducted by the laboratory of the Moldova Hydrogeological Survey shall identify the underground water bodies in the Prut River Basin under the risk of anthropogenic pressure.  
- A joint assessment has been carried out for the Prut River Basin in the hydrographic spaces of Ukraine and Moldova.
- Procurement of chemical reagents for the analytical laboratory of the State Hydrometeorology Service (Environment Quality Monitoring Department), as well as of other materials for the field survey of ground waters in the hydrographic basin of the Prut River has been launched.
- REC (The Regional Environment Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Hungary), which is part of the EPIRB project team consortium, has launched development of the Strategy for Communication, Public Participation and Awareness Raising Activities in water management, as well as examination and promotion of management plans drawn up based on the provisions of the Water Framework Directive.
- Aquifers of ground water bodies in the Prut River Basin (geological borders, hydraulic properties, etc.) have been identified and mapped. Groundwater bodies in the Prut River Basin have been identified and mapped.
- A draft report on identification and typology of water bodies has been drafted with a preliminary list of groundwater bodies and underground waters identified in compliance with the provisions of the EU Water Framework Directive, as well as draft Regulations for identification, delimitation and classification of water bodies in the pilot river basin. 
- A Water Sampling Manual and a Hydromorphological Monitoring Guide have been developed for surface waters and presented for familiarization with the Environment Quality Monitoring Department and the Hydrogeology Department of the State Hydrometeorology Service.
- Underground water monitoring equipment has been installed at the monitoring boreholes in the Prut River Basin.

At the moment, the project organizes launching of a survey within the regional Transboundary River Basin Protection Project funded by the EU. The survey team will travel along the hydrographic basin of the Prut River within 30 July - 03 August with participation of foreign experts and experts from the institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Environment: State Hydrometeorology Service and the “Apele Moldovei” Agency. The aim of the survey covers hydrographic studies, trainings on hydromorphological monitoring and water sampling from the ground waters of the Prut River and its tributaries for chemical and biological analysis.
Cooperation with project stakeholders, Ukraine and Romania, in development and implementation of the Prut River Basin Management Plan was also discussed at the meeting, as well as the possibility of a relevant experience exchange with Romania.

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