River Basin Management Planning (RBMP) activity enters an active phase.

Starting from January 2014 the River Basin Management Planning (RBMP) activity of the expected Result-2 will enter in an active phase. The project will establish RBMP development and implementation teams in each country/pilot basin. These teams will be established on the base of the designated water management and planning institutions, independent national experts, partner institutions and key beneficiaries.

Under the EPIRB guidance (TL/DTL, KEs, NKEs) and support, the RBMP Teams will be responsible for: i) deeper and more thorough analysis of pressures and threats causing impact on basin ecosystems; ii) identifying the data gaps for heavily modified water bodies and water bodies at risk; iii) identifying selected Programme of Measures (PoMs); iv) conducting economic and cost related analysis for implementation of the selected PoMs; v) drafting and providing final RBMPs to local stakeholders for public hearings and to appropriate designated authorities for approval and adoption, etc.

The draft schedule for the missions is the following:

  • 13-14 Jan 2014 – Georgia
  • 16-17 Jan 2014 – Armenia
  • 21-22 Jan 2014 – Azerbaijan
  • 27-28 Jan 2014 – Belarus
  • 29-31 Jan 2014 - Ukraine
13.01.2014 to 31.01.2014
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Georgia
  • Ukraine
  • 2. Development of joint River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs) for selected river basins
  • Akhuryan Basin (Akhuryan and Metsamor)
  • Upper Dnieper River Basin
  • The Central Kura Basin (Ganjachay, Shamkirchai, Tovuzchay, Agstafachay)
  • Chorokhi-Adjaristskali Basin
  • Prut Basin