Romina Alvarez

Romina Alvarez
Ecology and Biology Expert

Mrs. Alvarez possess a PhD in biology from the University of Vigo, Spain. She is biologist and international project manager, specialized in environmental and limnological projects. During her 14 years of professional experience she has been mainly involved in projects related to the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) developing different tasks as limnologist in different basins such as the biological monitoring and physical-chemical monitoring.
Furthermore, she has also contributed to the development of measures for improving ecological status in several projects in Spain, Poland and recently Colombia. Her career has been focused on studying environmental quality, taking always as a reference the WFD standards, in the ecosystems linked to water courses, with a special dedication to the analysis of the riversides and reservoirs communities and to database development. 
Romina has also a significant experience preparing plan protection tasks in biodiversity projects related to Natura 2000. For the above mentioned, she has acquired a wide experience as well on field work (macroinvertebrates, Mediterranean plant communities and aquatic habitats) as monitoring physic-chemical parameters. She has also been in charge of ISO 17020 Auditory and Conformity assessment. Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection) implementation and maintenance of the certification agreement for continental surface water and wastewater.
Since April 2014, she is an Independent European Expert Evaluator and Rapporteur for Horizon 2020 proposals for the European Commission.