Transboundary Upper Dnieper River Basin Council, May 2013

The most active Dnipro Basin Council was established in 2011 as an advisory body to the State Water Resources Management Agency of Ukraine. The role of the Secretariat of the Council performs the Dnieper BUVR, based in Vyshgorod. The main tasks of the Dnieper Basin Council, as reflected in its charter, are the following:

  • Review and evaluation of quantitative and qualitative status of water resources, causes and effects of its changes to natural ecosystems and economic sectors and forecast trends in the processes that affect the quality of water resources and water volumes.
  • Assessment of socio-economic problems and trends of water use in the basin.
  • Consideration and adoption of the priorities for urgent measures to improve the condition of natural and artificial water bodies, restoration of surface water quality, conservation of water resources of the Dnieper basin.
  • Develop strategies for achieving priority objectives and to identify the economic mechanisms to ensure its implementation.
  • Consideration and approval of river basin management plan.

 As the discussion on all aspects of the development, consultation and implementation of RBMP underpins the operations of the Dnieper River Basin Council, it resulted in close collaboration of the project with the Dnipro Basin Council in achieving the EPIRB Result #2: Development of a joint RBMP in a pilot basin of the Upper Dnieper.

 The same is valid for another, Belarusian, part of the pilot basin. The first phase of the RBMP development – River Basin Analysis (RBA), is developed in close consultations between Belarusian and Ukrainian counterparts. But unlike Ukraine Belarus has no basin institutions while the necessity of their establishment is discussed between those experts who are involved in the development of new Water Strategy and Water Code of Belarus. Belarusian experts participate in the activities of the Dnieper Basin Council in their expert capacity.

 In order to discuss the jointly developed RBA and also to discuss the opportunities for the formal establishment of the transboundary bilateral Dnieper Basin Council, it is proposed to organize special session of the Basin Council with the official invitation of the Belarusian counterparts. Management of the Dnieper Basin Council propose to use Basin Council meeting on the 23-24 May for these discussions.

 The meeting will be attended by participants from the beneficiary countries Ukraine and Belarus.

23.05.2013 to 24.05.2013
  • Belarus
  • Ukraine
  • Project Management Activities
  • Upper Dnieper River Basin